Heimat{en} – What is it?

In 2017 we created a program on the theme of home, a term that is currently much discussed and evokes traditional points of view. But how exactly do we define “home”?

Is the term “home” nowadays still necessary? What do we associate with it musically? Why is this term so emotionally charged?

After much discussion, arguing and analyzing, we came up with a program that presents songs and different views of the choir members on the topic.

Dealing with music and individual biographies, it becomes clear that there isn’t necessarily such a thing as “the home.” Rather, a complex picture emerges, a picture of positive and negative memories, of habits, emotions, as well as of music. 

The program includes works by Woody Guthrie, Fela Kuti, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Illapu, Sam Lee, César Miró, Robert Schumann, Anna Marly and many more.