Tomi Simatunpang

„Jabitudu Persilasi – A Pilot Incarnation“ – HKW

Tomi Simatupang collaborated with CKW for the scenic concert “Jabitudu Persilasi – A Pilot Incarnation,“ which combines improvisations and original compositions with pieces by Billie Holiday, The Clash and Muhammad Arifin.

Tomi Simatupang is well-versed in many musical fields: Born in Indonesia, the guitarist, bassist and percussionist was involved in Berlin’s Antifolk scene and performed, among others, in the HKW local series in 2009. He immersed himself deeply into traditional Indonesian music and studied with the avantgarde gamelan composer Gutama Soegijo. Moreover, he bonded closely with the Berlin jazz scene, from which he recruited a great part of his band That Tomi Simatupang Incarnation.